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So a while back - like ten years ago - I wrote a Let's Anime blog post about Gatchaman. Yeah, I've been writing that blog for ten years. Whatever. Anyway, I wrote this really generic bare-bones broad-brush sort of piece about Gatchaman, and then I sort of forgot about it until a week ago.

A week ago I got another one of those emails from Google where they tell me that a blog post has been put into 'draft' because of reported DMCA copyright infringement. The Gatchaman post from '07 was that post. Just like I did with the Space Battleship Yamato post, I filed a counter-claim. Google responded by saying, in essence, "we dunno what you're talking about."

I'm fairly certain these DMCA reports are being generated by a 'bot that a service uses to search the internets for URLs that contain the names of properties, properties owned by the corporations that hired the service. You hire the service, tell it the names of the things you own, it activates its DMCA-bot 9000 and that bot scours the Web looking for illegal streaming sites, Megauploads, and other infringements thereof.

So my counter claim being fruitless, I bit the bullet and edited the post. I changed the title so that it no longer contained the words "science ninja team gatchaman" and I took the opportunity to go into the text and fix links, add some more information, throw in some more images, and generally do the kind of maintenance that most older posts tend to need. That's what I like about blogging as opposed to print; blog posts can be repaired, enhanced, and otherwise changed as necessary.

SO, if you want to read about Battle Of The Planets aka Gatchaman aka G-Force aka Eagle Riders, please enjoy!


Date: 2017-04-25 10:18 am (UTC)
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Oh wow! Those take-down notices are just getting worse and worse, I've noticed it's suddenly really hard to even search for "anime" on Google, it's like all the results have disappeared : /

By the way, does your blogspot get a ton of spam comments? I was getting like 50+ a day caught in the spam filter so I decided to quit using the site...

*browsing your Go Nagai posts* I don't know if it's relevant, but Nadesico has a direct (long-running) parody of his stuff in it if you didn't know. Which I personally thought was super funny >.>


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