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welcome to classic anime Dreamwidth

Hey everybody, this is Dave, I am porting over the Classic Anime community from LJ into Dreamwidth, because reasons. If you want to discuss classic Japanese cartoons with fellow fans, here ya go!

I would at this point like to direct your attention to my classic anime blog Let's Anime - http://letsanime.blogspot.com/ - where about once a month I post a longform article about Japanese animation 1960-1990, American anime fandom of the period, and other fun stuff.

There's also an interesting forum at Old School Otaku where fans from and of the classic era discuss older anime, fandom, toys, model kits, laser discs, you name it. https://www.oldschoolotaku.com/forum/

Anyway, hopefully we can get back up to speed over here. Thanks for reading!
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Anime Hasshin

new Let's Anime interviews Anime Hasshin chair Lorraine Savage and explores what may be the longest-running and largest national (international!) anime club in the history of Japanese anime fandom in America!

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galaxy express

new Let's Anime takes a look at Toei's promotional booklet they used to pitch Galaxy Express 999 to the English-speaking world, and how well that worked out, which is to say not very well for a while

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superbook/flying house at Let's Anime

it's a new Let's Anime for the holiday season, all about the Christian bible cartoons starring a super book and a flying house, that were of course titled "Superbook" and "Flying House!" Way more than you ever needed to know about the studios that made the shows, the religious broadcaster that paid for them, the ad agencies that made them possible, and the Ukrainian children's show that adopted Superbook for its very own! It's all at the last Let's Anime for 2016!

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assemble insert

new Let's Anime is all about the 1990 OVA 2-parter idol-singer-vs-crime-robots ASSEMBLE INSERT and how it's based on manga by Patlabor creator Masami Yuuki and how it got released on DVD back in the day! Check it out!

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Prince Planet at Fifty

Back when I was very small I watched a Japanese cartoon called "Prince Planet", and it more or less impacted me for life. 2016 is the 50th anniversary of Prince Planet on American television so here's a Let's Anime all about it!

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Queen Emeraldas review

Just finished the new Let's Anime in which I review Kodansha's North American release of Leiji Matsumoto's QUEEN EMERALDAS Volume 1. Check it out!

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real deal thunder sub club

new Let's Anime looks at the space battleship anime show that definitely is not a Space Battleship Yamato rip off, totally not, no sir

only one question remains - are YOU a big enough Thunder Sub fan to join the Real Deal Thunder Sub Club?
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New Let's Anime is all about the Discotek DVD featuring the first five Dr Slump movies!

spoiler: I liked 'em
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Big new Let's Anime is up all about the 1984 Lensman film based on the books by E.E. "Doc" Smith! Manga, TV shows, follow up novels, toys, the whole galaxy of Galactic Patrol Lensman is covered with varying degrees of accuracy and fidelity, just like the movie.

If you don't read Let's Anime, then Boskone wins - and who would want that?
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starzan s

lost 1984 Tatsunoko series OKAWARI-BOY Starzan S gets the Let's Anime treatment in a new column that discusses the show, the real-life origins of many of its characters, its cavalier treatment of copyright infringement, and the connection between this show and "Mad Men". No, really!

Enjoy this cross between Star Wars and Tarzan today at Let's Anime!
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on cinema at the cinema

New Let's Anime details American theatrical releases of Japanese animated films in the days before Akira forced critics to sit up and take notice. Hitherto unreleased images of Warriors Of The Wind and Galaxy Express newspaper ads, Cleopatra reviews, and Nobody's Boy posters! Mean -spirited reviews, bankruptcy, and Jim Backus! It's all there at Let's Anime!